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YouTube Testing New ‘Fact Checks’ on ‘Misinformation Prone Content’ in India

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YouTube is rolling out the new feature in India Fact checks are said to be available for searches in English and Hindi YouTube is working with “approved” fact-checking partners In a bid to curb the circulation of fake news, YouTube is adding new “information panels” that will surface fact checks to help users determine whether […]

Microsoft’s Light Operating System (OS)

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A new Windows operating system (OS) called “Windows Lite” is currently making the rounds online. It is compact version of Windows alternative to Chrome OS. Microsoft’s Light Operating System (OS)

Samsung Galaxy S10 Passes Bend Test, Ultrasonic In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Seen Working Even After Scratches

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HIGHLIGHTS The Samsung Galaxy S10’s display also fared well in the flame test Its ultrasonic fingerprint sensor was seen working even after scratches The fingerprint sensor failed when cracks appeared on the display Samsung Galaxy S10 – the South Korean electronics giant’s latest flagship offering – brings an impressive list of upgrades such as better […]

The Dangers of Auto Complete Passwords


Hackers have found a new way to track you online. Aside from using advertisements and suggestions, they can now use autocomplete passwords to track you down. Feeling unsecured? Here are some ways to keep you out of harm’s way. Why auto-fill passwords are so DangerousAs of December 2018, there are 4.1 billion internet users in […]

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Desktop/Laptop with an SSD

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If you have an older Mac/Laptop/Desktop, it probably has a hard disk drive (HDD) for storing your data. Newer models, however, have a solid state drive (SSD), which has become the standard in data storage in recent years. You can enjoy the advantages of SSDs by upgrading your Mac with one today. They are faster: […]

The Risks Posed by Windows 10 Bloatware

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Have you bought a new PC or laptop recently? Don’t be too impressed by so-called value-added pre-installed software, as these take up storage space and use up processing power. More than this, a new report shows that free trial versions of browser toolbars, video games, and antivirus programs can make you vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. […]

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) takes Long Time to improve Search Rankings But Why?

SEO takes Long Time to improve Search Rankings But Why?

Even today in the competitive market, for most of the businesses, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a long and exhausting investment. Yes, it takes longer to finally get better outcomes which can lead your business to sustained progress. But it demands patience as there are lots of factors which are needed to be considered while […]