Data Recovery

Welcome to CTRL S Solutions Data Recovery. We offer a complete professional data recovery service for anyone who has lost data. Our customers are home users, small businesses, students. If you’ve lost data, we can help you!

We offer Data Recovery from corrupted Hard Disks, RAIDs, Servers, Pen Drives, Compact Flash Cards, Memory Cards, SSD (Solid State Drive), Mobile Phones. Also retrieve data from various application like Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, MS Access Database, SQL Database, Oracle Database, MySql Database.

We offer a free 24hr diagnostic service which will provide you with a report on your media, a list of recoverable files and a no-obligation quote to recover the data. If you don’t wish to proceed, we’ll send your media back to you.

If you’ve lost data, it’s important not to do anything which might risk your data. For this reason, we urge you to contact data recovery specialists as quickly as possible.